A Few Frequently Asked Questions….

What is the background of the NVCC?  Founded in 1969, NVCC is a group of individuals whose backgrounds and interests are diverse, but who share a common bond - the love of Corvettes and having fun with them. NVCC offers a wide range of activities for Corvette enthusiasts.

When and where are the club meetings?  General business meetings are every 4th Tuesday of the month (except December) at 7:30 PM at Pohanka Chevrolet in Chantilly, Virginia.

Do you have to own a Corvette to join?  Corvette enthusiasts are welcome to join! It is not required to own a Corvette to be a part of the club, just follow the steps below for an Enthusiasts/ Associate Members application- the same application process applied to Full or Associate Member positions (Associates can also be NCCC members, which is recommended for insurance and participation in other local club events).

How do I join the club?
  ALL Corvette owners AND Corvette enthusiasts are welcome to join! There is a $20 application fee and a form to fill out. Within 4 months of the date of application you must attend one general business meeting and one other non-meeting event sponsored by NVCC. After you have attended these two functions, your name is submitted to the council for a vote on membership.

How much are club dues?  Upon acceptance, you will be assessed dues in the amount of $75 for the first year, which includes $50 for NVCC dues and $25 mandatory NCCC dues. Spouses can also join for annual dues in the amount of $25 for NVCC and $10 for NCCC.

How do I order one of the NVCC Polo Shirts? The NVCC Polo Shirts as well as other club logo items can be ordered here. They will be shipped directly to you, so please provide your shipping information once connected to the website.

I am in the military and only in the Washington area for a few years. Can I still be a member?  Sure...everyone is welcome...come join us for as long as you are in the area. We will be glad to have you!

What happens if I don't attend a general business meeting and another event in 4 months after I turn in my application and $20 initiation fee?  You are dropped as a prospective member. To become a member thereafter you must complete the whole process again including the $20 initiation fee.

What is NCCC?  NVCC is recognized by the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC), a nationwide organization. NCCC sanctions hundreds of events each year that are hosted by member clubs. Participants in these events, which usually consist of concours, rallye or autocross activities, earn points toward NCCC annual championship trophies. NCCC establishes standard competition rules for these events. Only Corvette owners can be members of NCCC. See our NCCC tab for more information.

What activities is the club involved in?  The NVCC is involved in Tire Rack Street Survival (TRSS), autocrossing, HPDEs, rallyes, concours, cruises, parades, and many other social and civic activities in the community. Visit our social events page for more information.

What is a HPDE?  At a HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) you learn to drive your car on a road-course racetrack as if you were a professional driver, although this is NOT a timed event. Novices and Intermediates have instructors sitting beside them at all times to guide you as you learn to drive at race speeds, as well as classroom instruction. It is as safe an environment as you can get to learn how to drive on a road racetrack. You will be taught to drive as close to race speeds in the straights and turns as you can while maintaining safety. Corner workers with flags, ambulances and wreckers maintain safety. Your car has to pass a technical inspection as well. This can become seriously addicting as you progress and transition to driving smoothly on a racetrack at race speeds. You are not expected to drive like Mario Andretti by the end of a session, but you will get a good idea of what all is involved in HPDEs (and racing).

What is Autocrossing?  Autocrossing is a timed speed event - your chance to drive your car to its (or your) limits! The risk to you and your car are minimized, as your car is the only one on the racecourse at any one time. Timing lights record your time through a race-course, down to the thousandth of a second. Cars are divided into classes based on the year of the car and the extent of modifications. No modifications are required, and any car/driver is welcome to join in on the speed, challenge and camaraderie. Racing is not that hard on the car, that's what it was built for! There is a low-speed autocross which is most commonly conducted with pylons on an open parking lot course and does not reach high rates of speed (80 mph for modified Group 2 cars). A high-speed autocross is a more serious speed event most often held on a racetrack (like Summit Point) where most all cars travel faster and where the drivers must possess a High Speed License issued through a driving school (HPDE) or from professional instructors.

What is a Cruise?  A cruise is when a group of Corvettes hit the road together for the purpose of driving our cars and enjoying each other's company. There is usually a food stop on a cruise and often other points of interest such as Luray Caverns, Michie Tavern, Skyline Drive, the Catoctin Mountains, towns such as Harpers Ferry, Middleburg, and Clifton, and any number of interesting spots. Occasionally there will be a weekend cruise event such as to Ocean City, Maryland or Carlisle, Pennsylvania. At least some part or most of NVCC cruises are on rural, curvy roads where we enjoy the scenery, the performance of our cars and each other.
What is a Concours?  The dictionary defines concours d'elegance as "a show or contest of vehicles and accessories in which the entries are judged chiefly on excellence of appearance and turnout". We have entries from all over the region and it is a NCCC points event. We have a panel of judges and give the winners trophies. 
What is a Tire Rack Street Survival (TRSS)? TRSS is a Teen Driving School that we do in conjunction with and the BMW Foundation. We put on this event twice a year, to teach teens a number of valuable skills in a one-day format to drive safer and more defensively. All done in the safety of their own cars, with parents riding along, our skilled instructors go through several courses to make teens better drivers. Courses include a classroom portion, car-care, skid pad, slalom, and braking exercises. Lunch is provided for teens and their parents, with certificates at the end. Great day for all!  

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